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Michel Laplace


Trumpeter, author, columnist


In 2013, Michel Laplace celebrated 50 years of attendance of the universe 'jazz '. But he already had love for “classical music" five years earlier (the famous opera singer Robert Massard is a friend of the family). And he made a detour to the rock'n roll (1961-63). On the side of concerts, he switched from Gene Vincent (1963) to Thelonious Monk, Erroll Garner, Buck Clayton, Dizzy Gillespie, Coleman Hawkins (1966), Louis Armstrong (1967), Count Basie, Mahalia Jackson, Pharoah Sanders (1968), Duke Ellington, Miles Davis, Ella Fitzgerald (1969)...He therefore had to devote his life to music, also having an interest (without jurisdiction) for painting and no taste for poetry (an exception: Charles Trenet).


Doctor in medicine, he assumed from 1977 two activities in parallel: that of hospital radiologist (former head of Department, retired from 2009) and versatile trumpeter (who does not know retirement).


Since 1977, his wife Lisiane Laplace assist in his musical activities. Initiated in the great Parade of Jazz in Nice, she is specialized in the photography of musicians. She loves the classical brass and traditional jazz.


Michel Laplace is the eldest of 20 days (born November 7, 1949 in Bois Colombes). His great grand-father Jean Davezies was a “bal champêtre” cornetist in the Gers (Southwest part of France). His sons, Cédric (born 1978, guitar/trumpet) and Jean-Marc (born in 1981, saxophone/clarinet) are musicians (funk group).


After starting out on the guitar (1963-4), Michel Laplace had a solid education of trumpet with Gaëtan Berton (Tours, 1966-74), Denis Egan (1977, 1980), Roger Guérin (Nimes, 1979, 1981), Fred Gérard (1 lesson, June 1980), Jacques Jay (1981), Tony Russo (1982), Pierre Thibaud (1 lesson, February 2001). He was auditor of the master-classes of James Stamp (Moudon, July 1977), Maurice André (Paris, June 1979), Timofey Dokshitser (Dijon, 1982, Monts du Lyonnais, 1990), Armando Ghitalla (Bulle, June 1985), Wynton Marsalis (Marciac, 1993, 1995, 1996, 1998, 2000). He participated in workshops of André Jaume (1978, and very free in 1981). He followed courses of harmony of Jef Gilson (1978, 1979, 1981) and Raymond Fonsèque (1984), as well as a lesson from Wendell Brunious (2009). It is also self-taught clarinet player (since 1990).

He was 'corresponding editor' of the International Trumpet Guild (1977-83), Secretary of the 'French chapter' of the ITG (1977-80), co-founder with Roger Delmotte of French trumpeters Guild (GFT) (March 25, 1978), General Secretary of the GFT (1978-80), a founding member of the Association 'Cuivres en France' (1988), Treasurer of ACF (1988-89).

Web site: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Guilde-Fran%C3%A7aise-des-Trompettistes-Michel-Laplace/167209709964100


Michel Laplace began giving trumpet and organ concerts (1973-85). His first article was published in Diapason (no179, "The trumpets of Fame (Les Trompettes de la Renommée)", 1973). As a musician, Michel Laplace played for the Marc Robert Big Band (1977-78: TV, “Les Jeux de 20 heures”, may 8, 1978), Big Brass & Co (1979-80), Henri Van Haeke (June 1979), Roger Guérin and Bill Coleman (April 1980), Marc Robert Workshop Jazz & Big Band (1980-81), Jacques Jay’s Trumpet Brothers (1981), Big Band Jacques Jay (1981, lead tp), Big Band Jérôme Naulais (1982, with Jean-Luc Cappozzo, tp1, Denis Leloup, tb1, guests: Tony Russo, Jean-Loup Longnon), Dominique Soulat (1982), Roger Voisin Trumpet Ensemble (1983),  Abadie Massed Brass Ensemble (1983, with Roger Voisin, tp, Daniel Bourgue, horn), Raymond Fonsèque (Festival Jazz Montauban, 1984), Concert Band 'SAMP' (1984-92, solo flugelhorn), Quatuor de Trombones de Paris (November 1987), Maurice & Nicolas André (Bourges, May 10, 1992), a tour of the Carmina Burana by Carl Orff (May 1987), his Bunk's Gang (1994: Festival “Riom Ville en Jazz”), the Bourges “Kiosque à Musique” conducted by Jean-Jacques Bernadé (1995-99, solo flugelhorn), a Parade in Marciac (15 August 2002, with Boss Quéreau, tp), Eric Luter (Nîmes, February 10, 2010), “Pâques en Jazz” (Souillac, April 2010 with Boss Quéreau, Carol Leigh), “Nuit du Jazz” à Noyers-sur-Cher (May 7, 2010, with Marc Laferrière, François Guin, Georges Grenu), Jazzalauna (Launaguet-Toulouse, with Boss Quéreau, Laurent Rieu and Fred Delluc, November 20, 2010), Holger Goetz (August 2012), various brass bands with Boss Quéreau (2013).

Michel Laplace participated in the world premiere of L’Ours by Jean-Loup Longnon (summer 1982 with the Arban Quintet and Symphony Orchestra conducted by Roger Toulet). Michel Laplace animated trumpet ensembles (all styles): his Trumpet Workshop (1977-90, involvement of Denis Egan, Roger Aureggi, Albert Caetano, Henri Van Haeke, Michel Decourrière, Robert Fassin, Jacques Jay, Fred Gérard, Timofey Dokshitser, Pierre Dutot, Freddy Grin, etc – radio broadcast Jazzmania, Argentina, November 1979), the Trumpets of Bourges (1985-88; guest: Pierre Pollin) and at the funeral of Fred Gérard (Ivry/Seine, January 2, 2013 with Guy Touvron and René Caron). He participated in the Tutti Trumpets conducted by Gaëtan Kuchta (St Roch, Paris, May 15, 2012, Tribute to Maurice André: with Thierry Caens, Guy Touvron, Bernard Soustrot, Sergey Nakariakov, Eric Aubier, Mineo Suguki, Olivier Theurillat, etc).

Michel Laplace gave lectures on brass: Guildhall School of Music (London, August 1986), conservatoire de Bourges (1988), Congress of the Monts du Lyonnais (1990), European Trumpet Symposium (Bordeaux, July 2005), University of the free time (Pau, 13 March to 19 April 2012).






From 1969, he corresponded with, and attended the world of brass: including Eddie Allen (1972), Léon Vauchant, Guy Paquinet, Arthur Briggs, Julien Porret, Rafael Méndez, Bud Brisbois, Philip Farkas (June 1976), Marcel Damant, George Swift, Jabbo Smith (via Lorraine Gordon), Bob Giardinelli, Jerome Callet, Robert King, Charles Colin, Louis Davidson, Ron Modell, Edna White (1983), Doc Cheatham (1984), Harry Mortimer, Malcolm Arnold, Tom Crown, Fred Mills (London, 1986), Alain Bouchet, Keith Smith, Loulou Vezant, Leroy Jones, André Paquinet, Pierre Dutour and so many more. He interviewed masters of the 20th century: Maurice André (1978, 1992), Roger Delmotte (1983), Wynton Marsalis (1996), Pierre Thibaud (2001), Roger Guérin (2002). In addition to those already mentioned, he had the opportunity to hear “live” a multitude of artists of brass: Clark Terry (from 1966), Maurice André (from 1967), Ted Curson (1967), Don Ellis, Curtis Fuller (1968), Cat Anderson (from 1969), Pierre Sellin, Aimé Barelli (1972), Red Rodney (1974), Chet Baker (1975), Bobby Hackett, Ruby Braff, Vic Dickenson, Harry Edison, Roy Eldridge (1975), Doc Cheatham (since 1975), Barry Tuckwell, Don Smithers, Roger Bobo, Thomas Stevens (1976), Jon Faddis (since 1977), Freddie Hubbard (1978), Chocolate Armenteros (Machito, 1981), Wynton Marsalis (from 1981), Warren Vaché Jr (from 1985), Arturo Sandoval (from 1986), etc. His contribution was to admit a jazz representation in the international brass Congress.


 ”There is hardly a trumpeter of renown that Michel Laplace has not heard and got to know, and hardly a one who hasn’t met up with Michel at some point or other during his or her career. As a chronicler and commentator on musical affairs, particularly in the jazz realm, he is blessed with an almost superhuman energy” (Edward H. Tarr)


He was a brass instruments collector (Alexander, Selmer, Benge, Couesnon,V. Bach, York, Martin, Vega, Conn, Olds, Harry B. Jay, Aubertin, King, Buescher, Holton, etc). He did the English translation of  the Etudes Transcendantes de Théo Charlier (ITG, May 1979). Michel Laplace is present in the major books on Trumpet : Das Grosse Buch der Trompete by Friedel Kiem (2005, Schott), Trumpeters Galore by Ed Annibale (2011, Trafford) and Trumpet Greats by David Hickman (2013, Hickman Music Editions).


Michel Laplace was saluted by critics and in the Press :

"You’ve got what it takes! ...You are not a copy-cat” (Johnny Simmen, December 1st, 1991)

"You have an amazingly broad sound which would, I think, be well suited to almost any jazz style but preferably the New Orleans style. I like the attack and the tone plus the fact that you have not obviously copied anyone” (Terry K. Offord, Wellington Jazz Preservation Society, August 12, 1992)

"le trompettiste Michel Laplace a raconté, hier, au Rexy, en notes et en mots, toute l’histoire du jazz (the Trumpeter Michel Laplace has talked, Yesterday, at the Rexy, by notes and words, all the Jazz History)” (newspaper La Montagne, September 1st, 1994)

"an active and excellent trumpeter!" (Friedel Keim, February 16, 2000)

" le chorus magistral de Michel Laplace de passage dans la region (the magistral chorus by Michel Laplace which was in the region)" (Yves Laurain, La Nouvelle République, May 10, 2010)


Michel Laplace does not count among his friends only brass musicians, there are or were Edmond Cohanier, Julio Pamies, Franck Ciup, Guy Lafitte, Dominique Chanson, etc.

With regard to writing, Michel Laplace first became known internationally in the middle of professional brass: articles in the ITG Journal in the United States (from 1977) and in Switzerland, columnist for Brass Bulletin (1974-6, then member of the Editorial Board from 1983), then P.I.P.ERs (Japan, 1980). He is co-editor with Henri Van Haeke, the Bulletin GFT (No.1-6, September 1978-March 1980).

He was introduced to the art of the discography with Wim van Eyle. His non-conformist pen is noticed in the international jazz environment starting from its contribution to the New Grove Dictionary of Jazz (1988, 2001), then mostly from 1991 in the Jazz Hot magazine.

A High-demand of articles, despite a provocative content, appeared (since 1977) in Jazz/Press, Bulletin of HCF, New Orleans Music, Jazz Dixie/Swing, Jazz/Rag, Jazz classique, Gazette des Cuivres, Cahiers du Jazz...

Author and co-author of books, he is not in the “Common Mind” of the Jazz World. Its CD-Rom " Trompette, Cuivres & XXe Siècle ( trumpet, brass & 20th century) " was praised by the musicologist Edward H. Tarr:


 "This work should find widespread use, because of the extremely comprehensive information it contains in such a handy format." It is highly recommended to music libraries in conservatories and music institutions, as well as to all brass players possessing normal curiosity" (International Trumpet Guild Journal Vol. 34, No3, March 2010).


Michel Laplace is quoted in the autobiographies of Bill Coleman and Roger Guérin (Mémoire d’Oc Editions). He made three trips to the United States: 1983 (New York), 1994 and 1996 (New Orleans). The last two have allowed him to meet veterans of the golden age (Humphrey Brothers, Frog Joseph). He attended by his articles the knowledge in France of the Swiss Festival of Ascona (that he attended since 1989). If he lives in Marciac, Michel Laplace has no responsibility in the Organization/programming of the famous festival that is held here and that he attended annually since 1991. He was presenter of concerts there (Doc Cheatham, Claude Luter, etc., 1996 & 1998).


 Michel Laplace briefly corresponded with Hugues Panassié (1971) and Charles Delaunay (1970), but he followed his own reflection and admits no influence of critics (with the exception of Johnny Simmen). His musical experience and his ears serve as guides. He considers three articles published in Jazz Hot as the culmination of 50 years of attendance and analysis of the jazz circles: "Revue de Presse (Review of press). 1917-1939" (Jazz Hot 655, spring 2011), "Nous sommes tous les enfants d’Hugues Panassié (We are all children of Hugues Panassié)" (Jazz Hot 660 & 661, 2012).

If it does not support releases of a musical genre in favour of another, he cannot admit non relevant titles (like “jazz” when the music has nothing to do with that). He has campaigned for a jazz approach nurtured by solid documentation, method and Cartesian argument.

Michel Laplace, specialist brass (all genres), is available for conferences, jury of competition, chronicles of discs, concerts, festivals and alas obituaries primarily for Jazz Hot.






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Cirque Pinder, 6-13 Nov. 1980 (out of print); Meditation for Flugelhorn Alone by  Conny Westerberg, April 1982 (Artist Edition, Trumpet Production-Mass. USA, out of print)

* 4 CDs: Michel Laplace. 33 years of Jazz / Michel Laplace at Launaguet. November 20, 2010 / Trumpet Marmalade. Ode to BB J / Music is Music. The trumpet from the Baroque to the contemporary, dedicated to Denis Egan.

(* contact: lamouche32@neuf.fr)